I started taking piano lessons when I was 6. I stopped practicing piano when I was 10, but kept taking lessons until I was 17. So in spite of playing like a 10 year old, I write music anyway!

NOTICE: More music is on the way as I collect all my old files and finish off some of the shelved ones.

Chiptune/Game Music

Larry Awesome!!! (2015): One of a few songs I wrote for the soundtrack of Larry Awesome!!!, and the first song I’ve written that I can listen to for literally 2 hours and not be annoyed. So, pretty successful as background music goes. I’ll be working on collecting the rest of the songs I wrote for that game so stay tuned.

The Caves (2012): This song is so old now; I’m pretty sure it’s from back in my GarageBand days. It was my attempt at a more atmospheric tone, and it wasn’t my last as I got more and more into soundtracking.

Orchestral/Piano Music

Far Beyond (2014): The title sequence music for Micropoke: The Wrath of Drakalin, a web-series I first envisioned my senior year of high school that I still haven’t given up on even though the odds of it getting done are pretty slim.

Snow in October (2016): This is the most piano-ful piano thing I’ve ever written. While I still don’t want to call this finished, this is the version that appears in Go Good Ghost Guy, and I’m not horribly displeased with it so I don’t mind sharing it.

Who Will Make Dem Toys? (2014) Also from M:TWoD, this was written for a short uber-romantic anime-parody cutaway. I think it’s kind of nice, which is probably why I reused the melody later.

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