LEVELS Won an Award! …Kinda

What’s the best time to write a blog post? 5 AM after you spent all night trying to put a trailer together, obviously.

Hey, remember LEVELS? That game I mentioned in my last post that I threw together last minute for an academic conference? You remember. It was the one whose concept was so bad that I almost scrapped the whole thing? Yeah, that’s the one.

I won money for that. Go figure.

To be more precise, I got third prize in a poster presentation contest at the previously mentioned academic conference.

inked pacise poster.jpg
Since the theme of this week is “low resolution” (foreshadowing), Here’s a definitely-not-intentionally jpg’d picture of me looking uncomfortably enthusiastic about my poster. Yes, I did lose weight. Thank you for noticing.

So, since that’s hopefully too blurry to read, here are some updates on where I went with LEVELS’ design:

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